February 7, 2016

Welcome To Our New Blog!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new blog – SpinLiving.

SpinLife is known for being the #1 online retailer for mobility products, but we also have great advice and helpful tools to help people find the right products for their needs.

We launched SpinLife University several months ago—an online resource center for mobility information. We have over 100 articles there, such as “How to Choose between a Manual or Power Wheelchair” and “The Difference Between 3 & 4-Wheeled Scooters.” We are always continuing to update SpinLife University with useful information about how to choose mobility products, as well as maintenance information and other advice.

But we also wanted a place to share topical information and ideas for both the geriatric community and their caregivers. Our SpinLiving blog is a place where we can share product spotlights on the latest in mobility, articles to help you live better, and a few posts that are just for fun! Our staff aims to bring you a couple of new blog posts each week as a way of sharing with you our thoughts, opinions and knowledge.
In addition to blogs from us, we will on occasion be featuring guest bloggers. Here we want to capture some of the thinking from other professionals in the wider field of aging, as well as sharing the perspectives of individuals who have their own story to tell.
Whether it is sharing practical advice, a product update, a great resource or simply a little fun, we hope there is something for everyone.

Thanks for your reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

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