June 21, 2016

Scooters you’ll love-the ZooMe Flex and the King Cobra PGV

Today’s Product Spotlight is a little different…we’ve got two great new scooters here at Spinlife that are about as different as night and day (David and Goliath might be a better comparison)…the new ZooMe Flex, and the awesome King Cobra PGV.

Writing about two products in the same article is a bit tricky, but here goes…the new ZooMe Flex, and the awesome King Cobra PGV.

The truth is, both of these products make perfect sense- even together. If you are faced with mobility issues, you have probably realized that there is no single solution to your desire to go about the business of living independently.

Many people compromise, and decide to use one small to mid-sized scooter to suit most of their needs most of the time. Going for the happy medium just means that you live within the performance limitations of the scooter that you choose.

Spinlife is excited to present two brand new scooters from Drive Medical, representing  both ends of the performance spectrum.

The ZooMe Flex 4 wheel Folding Travel Scooter is perfect for travel, shopping, and ultra-convenient to transport without needing to use a lift. The ZooMe Flex uses ultra-lightweight lithium batteries, and will travel up to 13 miles on a charge. It has an easy to steer Delta style tiller that adjusts for a good fit, and anti tip wheels on the back for safety. Just fold it up, load it and go! The entire scooter weighs in at just 53.6 lbs without the 5 lb battery pack, and is rated to carry up to 275 lbs.

Zoome Folding Scooter

ZooMe Flex Scooter folded for transport

ZooMe Flex Scooter

ZooMe Flex Scooter

If rugged outdoor transportation is also on the agenda, don’t miss the King Cobra PGV Executive Scooter!

This big boy can handle cart paths, all sorts of terrain, and all kinds of weather with its hard top canopy and optional Golf Bag attachment. Travel up to 35 miles on your King Cobra in ultimate comfort.

Features like a full suspension, 6” wide turf-tires and an intuitive drive system for added stability smooth the ride.  Rear view mirrors, turn signals and LED lighting add safety as you go. The hard canopy top and windscreen keep out the sun or the rain making it practical all year long.

King Cobra PGV

King Cobra PGV

So consider getting both! The ZooMe Flex for shopping, sightseeing and social events. And don’t miss out on golf dates and outdoor activities either- check out the King Cobra PGV for real on and off road performance.

Have a great summer from all of us at SpinLife!


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