August 2, 2016

Product Spotlight: The All New Go-Chair

Choosing between a scooter and a power wheelchair can be a difficult decision for some people that are in need of power mobility.

In my years as a product specialist I’ve heard so many people say that they don’t want a power wheelchair because they don’t want to look sick!  If you think scooters look sporty, but powerchairs look medical, just have a look at the all new Go-Chair by Pride Mobility. A member of the Go-Go series of power mobility products, the new Go-Chair is sporty as can be!

Life brings changes and challenges.  Don’t let “what someone else thinks” dictate what will work for you and make your quality of life better. I say you should get what will be comfortable, convenient and meets your needs.

A power wheelchair will pull right up to a desk or table. There is no need to transfer to another chair for dinner or surfing the web.  Do you live in a small place where it would be difficult to maneuver a scooter?  Power wheelchairs, especially the portable ones, turn in a very small space and go get through most doors without difficulty. Do you have trouble with balance? It is easier to sit down on a power wheelchair seat than to get on and off of a scooter platform.

New Go Chair by Pride

Are you convinced yet? Take a look at the ALL NEW GO CHAIR from Pride Mobility.   This portable chair is easy to take with you to the mall, the park or the zoo!  It disassembles into 6 pieces.  The heaviest piece is only 36 lbs!  That rivals most travel scooters on the market.


Pride Mobility has redesigned this chair with a trendy look and improved features. The thicker, more comfortable seat features arm rests that not only adjust in width but in height as well.  This allows you to have your arms at a comfortable level taking strain off of your upper back.  There are also innovative storage compartments beneath the seat.  You can have your keys, wallet and phone in easy reach while leaving your hands free for squeezing produce in the grocery store!

There will be very few places you can’t go in this chair. It turns on a dime needing only slightly more than a 2 foot radius to spin in a circle.  When you finish spinning around take off at up to 3.70 mph.

Power wheelchair New Go Chair in 5 colors

Great colors let you personalize your Go-Chair

And the feature I like the best…………COLOR! Most chairs come in red, blue or black.  With the Go Chair you have your choice of six colors to stand out or blend in.  Go bold with orange!  Be Prissy in Pink.   It’s your ride…do it YOUR way.

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