April 13, 2016

Phone Scamming: 3 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe

Avoid Phnoe Scammers

With the rise of Internet communication, we may not be as concerned as we should be to avoid phone scamming. Yet every year thousands of people lose money and sometimes even their identities through phone scamming.

Let’s take a look at some easily recognizable ways our security can be at risk, and then talk about three ways to protect ourselves.

First: Recognize the Scam:phone scamming

Being able to recognize a scam is the first and most important way to protect yourself from being taken advantage of.  There are common phrases that should immediately give cause for caution.  If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is!  If you hear any of these, you are most likely being hooked by a crook.

  • You’ve been specially selected (for this offer).
  • You’ll get a free bonus if you buy our product.
  • You’ve won one of five valuable prizes.
  • This investment is low risk and Provides higher outcome than you’ll get anywhere else.

Scammers will use fast talk and pressure to get you to agree to hidden costs and charges. After recognizing these phrases or ones similar, it’s best to not continue the conversation and end the call.


Second: Protect your information:

One of the most common ways a caller will take advantage is by calling to “confirm” your personal information. They may already have gotten information such as your address, online logins, and billing information prior. They probably need to have you confirm them to charge for items, subscriptions, or services that you’ve not understood or asked for. Do not give out personal information

Another way they may be fishing for information is by pretending to be with a company you are already doing business with, such as your bank, cell phone company, utilities company, etc. They will say they need to confirm identity in order to continue service or to prevent fraud.

Always be sure to hang up and call the official number for the company to verify if you are unsure. Never give personal information over the phone to anyone who pressures you or gives incomplete answers to your questions.

Third: Add yourself to the Do Not Call List: Register your home and mobile numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry. This won’t stop all unsolicited calls, but it will stop most. If your numbers are on the registry and you still get calls, they are probably from scammer ignoring the law. Hang up and report them at www.donotcall.gov.

Follow these easy steps and you can continue to communicate with peace of mind!

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