February 24, 2016

Looking Forward to Big Picture 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m taking a moment to breathe and share a preview of our Annual Big Picture event. Every year SpinLife hosts a unique weekend when our Product Experts and our great partner brands all convene at our home offices for 5 days of crazy, wonderful SpinLife magic. We’re the only online retailer who actually invites their manufacturers to physically come to our offices and show off their latest and greatest products and do training with our teams.

Our Big Picture events start today with internal roundtables between our departments. This is a great time for our Product Experts to share with the Marketing, Merchandising, and WebApp teams what they’re hearing on the phones. This helps them choose better products to list on the website, and make site changes to help our team and inform our customers. Our departments talk to each other every day, all year. But this is really a great time to discuss the “big picture”.

Thursday will be a day of training. We have a lot of technology updates we’re putting in place and this is a time to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and how to use the new systems.

Friday will be our annual corporate meeting. It sounds a little dry but really it’s a lot of fun. Our CEO kicks it off with a lookback at 2015 and then where we want to go in 2016. It’s a great time for us to come together as a company and move together towards a fabulous 2016.

Saturday is a crazy fun day of manufacturer’s expo. Picture all the great DME brands in the same hall, with their products, ready for a hands-on Show-And-Tell with our Product Experts. We take our tagline “Experts in Motion” seriously – and this is how we make sure we are the experts. Our Product Experts will get to experience, take apart, and learn everything they can about the products. This way, when you call in with a question, we have the answers and experience to give you the confidence that you’re getting the right product for your needs.

If you call into SpinLife over the next few days ask how Big Picture is going!

We’ll be posting images and updates throughout the rest of the week and especially on Saturday.

Stay tuned!!

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