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SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist

Easy to install Power Assist for all day use, climb hills, and save your shoulders.

(Model No. MX2)
$6,675.40 List Price: $7,417.00
  • Battery Charger
  • Wristband Charger
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  • Overview


    • Fits on most ultra lightweight chairs
    • Includes SmartTracker wristband
    • Includes Switch Control for frame
    • 12 mile driving range
    • 5.5 mph max speed on flat ground
    • 5.3 mph max speed on 6 degree incline

    Key Specs

    Manuals, Literature & Videos for the SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist

    Overview of the SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist

    Created with manual wheelchair users in mind, the SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist by Permobil provides a seamless power assist experience. Between thousands of pushes a day, frequent transfers, and the other motions of daily life, manual chairs users place extra strain on the muscles and joints in their arms, causing fatigue and long-term issues. With an ergonomically-designed handle, patented OmniWheel technology, light-weight construction, and newly-designed hardware & software improvements, the SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist will perfectly integrate into the lifestyle of even the most active chair user – helping climb hills and navigate thick carpets with ease and preserving your muscles and joints from the wear-and-tear of everyday life. While not everything can be controlled – the SmartDrive Power Assist by Permobil helps control your number of daily pushes.

    Even better – the SmartDrive MX2+ has benefitted from operational improvements and has been integrated with wearable technology to be, get this – smarter. Welcome the PushTracker E2 to the team! This sleek-looking smart watch has not only been redesigned to allow for 8x stronger Bluetooth connection, it also allows for complete control of your SmartDrive MX2+ from the comfort of your hand. Not only does the PushTracker E2 allow for gesture-activate controls and activity-tracking technology, but wireless updates mean your SmartDrive will always be up-to-date with the latest options and features.

    What Makes This Different
    On top of everything listed above, the newly redesigned package includes a SwitchControl (formerly known as the thumb throttle), which gives users another customizable aspect of their SmartDrive. With the push of a button you can engage the SmartDrive MX2+ for a momentary burst of power or activate it in latched mode for consistent assistance over extended distances. The SwitchControl is programmable from 1-5.5 mph and can be easily adjusted and tracked through the PushTracker App – also designed specifically for the SmartDrive MX2+. PushTracker App available on both Apple and Google Play stores. Follow updates on the PushTracker App, SmartDrive MX2+, PushTracker E2, and SwitchControl on Permobil’s online blog to stay up to date with the latest news about your products!

    Why We Like It
    SmartDrive MX2+ is easy to own and operate. Paired with the Pushtracker E2 and SwitchControl, SmartDrive offers several customizable control options to empower your active lifestyle with minimal impact. At just 12.5 pounds and 15.3”L x 5.7”W x 9.5”H , the still SmartDrive manages to provide up to 12.3 miles per charge, a 330 pound capacity, a 135°F operating range, and is equipped with a 250 W Brushless DC motor – all shoved into a conveniently sized piece of technology. For users who may prefer a more traditional Power Assist experience, the Original PushTracker™ is still available and compatible with the PushTracker App for keeping your system up-to-date.

    What You Need To Know When Ordering
    We need to know what the rear wheel size and type of wheelchair you’ll be attaching your SmartDrive to so our Product Experts can ensure you receive the proper mounting attachment and hardware for your chair. It is recommended that you charge the motor battery every night after use to maintain longevity of the battery life. PushTracker E2 runs on Wear OS by Google and is compatible with Android and Apple operating systems. Users ordering the Original PushTracker™ as well will need to choose between a Small, Medium, and Large wristband for use with their SmartDrive MX2+. 

    Measuring Guide

    View Detailed Measurement Guide
    Seat Depth1
    Measure from the most posterior point of the body to the inside of the knee, minus at least two inches. Some prefer more leg overhang to make room for their hand when lifting their leg.
    Back Height2
    Measured from the seat base to the top of the wheelchair back. Depends on how much upper back support is needed, and also affects freedom for the upper body to rotate.
    Rear Seat to Floor3
    Measurement from the ground to the rear seat edge. Relative to the front seat-to-floor dimension, this determines the rearward slope ("dump" or "squeeze") of the wheelchair seat.
    Hanger Angle4
    Determines how far the toes extend away from the body, measured from the horizontal. A tighter angle allows the wheelchair to turn around in less space. Depends in part on ability of the knee to bend towards the perpendicular.
    Seat Width5
    Determined by the widest point of the body from knee to hip, plus an inch to ensure room to move. Consider bulk of clothing, particularly a heavy winter coat, if relevant.
    Wheel Camber6
    Angle of the wheel relative to the vertical. More camber improves stability and agility, but also limits ability to pass through narrow spaces. A typical daily wheelchair uses three degrees of camber.
    Front Seat to Floor7
    Measure the leg from the back of the knee to the sole of the foot. Then subtract the thickness of the cushion when it is compressed. Next, add a minimum of two inches for footrest clearance. Do not add the footrest clearance if the wheelchair will be foot-propelled.
    Footrest Width8
    Measure from the inside of each legrest tubing the distance or desired distance between legrests.
    Center of Gravity9
    Measure from the front of the seat back post to the center of the rear axel.
    Seat to Footrest Length10
    Measure from the edge of the seat upholstery to the top rear of the footrest.
    Backrest Angle11
    Measure the the angle of the back post to the floor. Ninety degrees will be perpendicular to the floor, to approximate the angle from the back post to the seat, subtract two degrees from measurment for every .5" of dump.

    More Information on the SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist

  • Specs

    Specifications for the SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist

    Product Weight: 13 lbs.
    Rear Wheel Size: 22"
    Product Weight Range: 15 lbs or less

    Approximate Shipping Dimensions and Weights

    Product Weight: 13.5 lbs.
    Box 1
    Shipping Weight: 18.00 lbs.
    Length: 19.00"
    Width: 9.00"
    Height: 11.00"

    Manuals & Literature

    More Information on the SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist

  • Returns
    SpinLife Return Policy for the SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist

    This item is non-returnable for one of the following reasons:

    • This item is custom-made by the manufacturer to suit your specific needs . Please review all specifications carefully before placing your order. Once production of your item has begun – the order is unable to be cancelled.
    • For hygienic safety and per FDA regulations this item is non-returnable, even if unused.
    • Please inspect your product upon delivery. If the product is damaged or is not the correct product, please refuse the delivery. If your item was delivered without a signature and is damaged or incorrect please call SpinLife Customer Service.

    If you have questions about this item please call a SpinLife Expert at 1-800-850-0335.

    More Information on the SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist

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