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Definitions of ULW Options

Guide to Ultralight Wheelchair Accessories and Options

  • Amputee Axle Mount - Locates the rear wheels farther rearward on the wheelchair for stability to compensate for those with above-the-knee amputations
  • Angle-Adjustable Back Canes - Allows the backrest angle to be adjusted for comfort and positioning
  • Angle-Adjustable Casters - Allows the front casters to be adjusted to allow added seat angle
  • Angle-Adjustable Footplates - Allows the footplates to adjust in angle for comfort and positioning
  • Anti-Tip Wheels - "Wheelie wheels" that mount on the rear of the wheelchair to prevent rearward tip-overs
  • Brake Extensions - Extended levers that allow one with limited grip or strength to better operate brakes
  • Camber - Angle on the rear wheels to increase ergonomics and stability
  • Casters - The front wheels on a wheelchair, typically available in 3", 4", 5", 6", and 8" sizes
  • Caster Pin Locks - Prevents the front caster forks from pivoting to increase transfer safety
  • Desk-Length Armrests - Armrests with a cut-out in the front to allow access to desks and tables
  • Forks - The caster mounting fork, commonly available in multiple lengths relating to seat-to-floor height
  • Fork Stems - The bolt that attaches the fork to the frame, commonly available in multiple spacer heights to allow short fork lengths with taller seat-to-floor heights
  • Grade-Aides - A self-setting brake that prevents the wheelchair from rolling backward when one pushes uphill
  • Heal Loops - Strap behind one’s heel that’s mounted on the footplate to keep one’s foot in place
  • Hemi Frame - A 2" lower frame height that allows a low seat-to-floor height (a super-hemi frame is an ultra-low seat-to-floor height for those who use their feet to propel the wheelchair)
  • High-Mount Brakes - Brakes mounted in the traditional position beside the seat rails
  • High-Mount Scissor Brakes - Brakes that retract underneath the seat, preventing interfering with one’s hands one pushes
  • Impact Guards - Front frame guards that protect the wheelchair’s finish from scratches
  • Padded Swing-Away Armrests - Tubular, ultra-lightweight armrests that swing-away and remove for transfers
  • Pull-To-Lock Brakes - Brakes that require a pulling motion to engage
  • Push-To-Lock Brakes - Brakes that require a pushing motion to engage
  • Quick-Release Casters - Push-button release that allows casters to be removed, minimizing the wheelchair’s transport size
  • Quick-Release Rear Wheels - Push-button release that allows rear wheels to be removed, minimizing the wheelchair’s transport size and weight
  • Side Guards - Plastic or fabric hip guards that prevent the user’s hips and clothing from rubbing on the wheels
  • Spoke Guards - Plastic covers that protect the rear wheel spokes from damage
  • Stroller Handles - Taller push handle back canes to assist caregivers

                                                                                                                                                  By Mark E. Smith

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SpinLife respects your privacy. We will never sell your personal information or share it with another company. Read our for details.