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Power Wheelchair Maintenance Tips

Power Wheelchair Maintenance Tips

Your power wheelchair is your ticket to mobility. It’s also a significant investment. With proper care and maintenance, it could reward you with more than 10 years of daily use. There are a few basic things to remember. It is important to read and understand your owner’s manual, and keep it handy. Most power chairs have a pocket on the back of the seat-keep it there. On your owner’s manual, write down the serial number of your chair, and any phone numbers that you might need to call if you ever need to call for service. 

Stay familiar with your motor’s normal sounds. You’ll be likely to notice when something goes wrong. If any part of your chair is frayed, worn, cracked or broken, replace it. Please don’t risk your safety or mobility by putting it off, replacement parts are available for most power chair needs.

Keep your power chair dry. Damp or wet conditions can seriously damage your chair, especially its electrical parts.

You should always:

  • Store your chair in a dry place

  • Wipe up any moisture or spills immediately

  • Make sure your chair’s protective plastic covers, or shrouds, are secured in place

  • Stop using your chair immediately, dry it off and call a service professional if your chair’s electronics get really wet.

Keep your power wheelchair tires in good shape.Tires play an important role in a power wheelchair’s performance, just like they do on your car. If you have pneumatic (air) tires, check the tire pressure regularly. It’s best to keep a spare tire and inner tube handy just in case of a blowout. If you have solid tires, inspect them regularly for tread wear and replace them when they need it.

Maintain your batteries! Charge them up every night when you go to bed. Unplug the charger each morning and you are good to go. Today’s power chairs have smart chargers that will shut off automatically when they are completely charged, so no need to babysit your charger. If you will charge each night, your power chair will always be ready for a full days use with no worry. Don’t let your batteries freeze, and don’t leave them in a hot car for a long period of time in the summer. Extremes of temperature are not recommended. 

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SpinLife respects your privacy. We will never sell your personal information or share it with another company. Read our for details.