Patient Responsibilities

Customer Responsibilities

You and SpinLife are partners in your health care plan. To ensure the finest service possible, you must understand your role in your health care program. As a customer of SpinLife, you are responsible for the following:

  1. To provide complete and accurate information concerning your present health when appropriate to your selection of equipment and service.
  2. To inform a staff member, as appropriate, of your health history, and previous use or ownership of same or similar equipment in order to determine coverage benefits.
  3. To review SpinLife, LLC’s safety materials and actively participate in maintaining a safe environment in your home.
  4. To request additional assistance or information on any aspect of your equipment that you do not fully understand.
  5. To notify SpinLife, LLC when you will not be home at the time of a scheduled home service visit, if applicable.
  6. To notify SpinLife, LLC when encountering any problem with equipment or service.
  7. To make a conscious effort to properly care for equipment supplied and to comply with all other aspects of the home health care plan developed for you by your health care providers.
  8. To accept responsibility for the outcomes if you do not follow manufacturer recommendations in the use of equipment.
  9. Promptly meet any and all financial obligations agreed to with SpinLife, LLC.
  10. And at all times treat SpinLife, LLC staff with respect and courtesy.

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