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How to Choose an Adjustable Flex-A-Bed Mattress

Maybe you have an adjustable bed base already, but you are totally ready to move up in comfort and luxury with a brand new mattress proudly made in the USA by Flex-A-Bed. We’d like to share as much information as we can on the different mattress options.

All mattresses are available in Twin (38” wide) Full (53” wide) Queen (60 “wide) and King (76” wide). Choose your length also 74” (short), 80” (standard) 84” (long). When choosing a length, remember that raising the head of an adjustable bed does push the upper body somewhat forward. If you are over about 6’1” an 84” mattress is recommended. Check the thickness that works best for you. Standard and Upgraded Flex-A-Bed mattresses are 10 –11 inches thick. An optional low-profile mattress is available in all the sizes listed above but is only 6 inches thick and made of solid High Density Foam in a medium firmness. You would choose that mattress if you want your mattress to floor height to be as low as possible.

Great custom options are available to suit your personal preferences.

The Memory Foam/ Innerspring Combo mattress brings the best of both worlds together combining a plush quilt top cover, over a visco-memory foam layer and a traditional innerspring base.

Choose the Memory Foam Core mattress for a plush quilted top over 2 inches of memory foam bonded to a high density polyurethane foam base.

Flex-A-Bed’s new Gel-Foam Core mattress offers the next step up with 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam bonded to a polyurethane base. The smooth top mattress keeps you as close as possible to the cooling effects of the gel foam, giving you the form fitting comfort of memory foam without extra warmth.

Lastly, there is the long-lasting comfort of the Latex Foam Core mattress. The plush quilt top layer over 2 inches of 100% Talalay Latex foam bonded to a poly-foam base offers a resilient dynamic feel, and super-durable support.

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SpinLife respects your privacy. We will never sell your personal information or share it with another company. Read our for details.