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Overhead Track Lifts


Overhead Track Lifts

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What are the Different Patient Lift Types?
Manual Lifts
  • » Most economical option for moving dependent patients
  • » Lifting controlled by caregiver with hydrolic hand pump
  • » Accommodates various sling-types
  • » No power supply makes units highly portable
Things to Consider:
  • » Simultaneous pump operation and patient care may be difficult for solo caregivers
  • » Models with larger casters move better on plush carpets
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Power Lifts
  • » Powered by standard outlet or rechargeable battery pack
  • » Emergency power backup ensures patient safety during any power failure
  • » Remote control gives caregiver freedom to focus on patient care
Things to Consider:
  • » Based on patient's condition, solo caregivers may require assistance for transfers
  • » Self-lifting by patient not recommended
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Stand-Up Lifts
  • » Allows occupant to be transferred easily from a seated position
  • » Especially convenient in weight-bearing practice & commode use
  • » hand grips provide additional stability
Things to Consider:
  • » Patient must have some upper body strength & head/neck control
  • » Patient must be able to bend at hip, knee and ankle
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Heavy-Duty Lifts
  • » 600-pound weight capacity
  • » Increased width provides added stability
  • » Manual and power modes available
Things to Consider:
  • » Based on patient's unique needs, solo caregivers may require assistance during transfers
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Bath Lifts
  • » Allow people with mobility concerns to bathe easily
  • » Reclining position available on most models
  • » Safety features prevent lift from stalling while submerged
Things to Consider:
  • » Ensure tub dimensions match product specifications
  • » Optional headrests and harnesses are available to increase stability
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Patient Lift Types
Which Patient Lift is best for you?
Liko M230 Power Lift Recommended Lift: Liko M230

For long-term care we recommend using the Liko M230 power lift. This lift is easy to operate and maneuver within the home. It has extremely low base clearance to fit under most beds and furniture.

Hoyer Hydraulic Patient Lifter Recommended Lift: Hydraulic Patient Lifter

This easy-to-maneauver manual lift by Hoyer provides an economical option and allows for operation from either side of the patient.

Hoyer Journey Stand Aid Recommended Lift: Journey Stand Aid

The Hoyer Journey lift is an ultra-compact, portable folding stand-aid with best-in-class functionality. It is compact and lightweight allowing for maneuverability in tight spaces.

Invacare lifts have larger wheels for rolling smoothly on thick carpet Recommended Lift: Invacare Manual or Power Lift

All of the Invacare Lifts are built with wheels large enough to maneuver easily on thick carpeting.

Advance Power Lift Recommended Lift: Advance Power Lift

Substantial enough to transfer a 340-pound patient yet nimble enough to fold for storage or disassemble quickly for transport.

Your Needs
Patient Lift Sling Guide
Full Body Universal Slings
  • » Provides full support from the back through the buttock and upper leg
  • » Application is best for users who can be rolled to one side and back while sling is positioned
  • Full Body Sling View All >
Universal U-Slings
  • » Provide standard back and upper leg support
  • » Easier application for seated users, than full body slings
  • Universal Sling View All >
Full Body Bathing Slings
  • » Provides support from back through buttock and upper leg. Has commode cut-out for toileting
  • » Application is best for users who can be rolled to one side and back while sling is positioned
  • Bathing Sling View All >
U-Slings for Bathing
  • » Provide standard back and upper leg support
  • » Easier application for seated users, than full body slings
  • U Sling View All >
Stand-Up Slings
  • » These slings are for Stand-Up style lifts only
  • » Patient must be able to sit-up, be weight bearing, and able to bend at the knee or hip
  • » Ideal for chair-to-bed or seated-to-seated transfers
  • » Can also be used on certain lifts for gait training
  • View All >

Easy cleaning and fast drying.

Solid Sling Material

Provides additional support.

Solid Sling Material
Solid Padded

Provides additional cushioning.

Solid Sling Material
Sling Guide
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Weight Weight Capacity Lifts Patient from Floor Warranty
6.7 lbs. 300 lbs. No 5 Year Limited
  • Pressure Fit Lift System
    by Prism Medical   (Model No. 341500)
    No reviews have been left yet.
    Prism Medical Pressure Fit Lift System Overhead Track Lifts
    No reviews have been left yet.
  • Pressure Fit Lift System
    by Prism Medical (Model No. 341500)
    The Pressure Fit Lift System offers a versatile solution to the needs of an overhead lift system without the worry of permanent additions at all.
    • FREE Sling with Purchase!
    • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs
    • Satisfies requirements for temporary or permanent use
  • $2,346.00
    List Price: $2,760.00 You Save: 15%
    View Item
Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
45 lbs. 440 lbs. 5 Year Limited
Weight Weight Capacity Lifts Patient from Floor Overall Height Warranty
12 lbs. 440 lbs. Yes 11.25" 1 year
Weight Weight Capacity Lifts Patient from Floor Warranty
10.5 lbs. 440 lbs. No 5 Year Limited
Weight Weight Capacity Lifts Patient from Floor Furniture Clearance Needed Overall Height Warranty
97.7 lbs. 440 lbs. Yes 5.31" 100.4" 3 Year Limited

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