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SpinLife's Guide to Interior Platform Lifts

Interior Platform Lifts

Interior vehicle lifts are increasingly popular, allowing a power wheelchair or scooter to be transported inside a station wagon, minivan, or SUV. The foremost benefit of an interior lift is that it protects your mobility product from weather and potential road hazards, a definite plus for those living in severe weather climates. Further, interior lifts can be mounted in the rear cargo section of vehicles, or in the side door of a minivan for easy user transfers and operation.

Interior platform lifts allow you to place and secure the scooter or power wheelchair onto a platform that, at the touch of a button, lifts upward, then slides inward on tracks, stowing the power wheelchair or scooter inside the vehicle. Beyond keeping the mobility product secure within the vehicle, out of the weather, interior platform lifts also have no equipment outside the vehicle, retaining the vehicle's standard length and appearance. Most interior platform lifts mount using existing securement points within the vehicle - rear seat mount lactations or seatbelt bolt mounts - so no holes in the vehicle are required.

Operating a typical interior platform lift:

  1. Electrically extend and lower the lift from the vehicle using the remote
  2. Roll the scooter or power wheelchair onto the platform, locking the wheels as applicable
  3. Use the manual tie-down securement straps or docking device to secure the scooter or power wheelchair
  4. Use the remote to electrically raise the platform up, into the vehicle, to stowed position

Characteristics of an interior platform lift:

  • Mounts inside vehicle using existing points
  • Transports scooter or wheelchair inside rear of vehicle, or side entry of minivan
  • Consumes interior room
  • Requires physical ability to secure scooter and power wheelchair
  • Does not require physical ability to operate the lift

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By Mark E. Smith

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