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Guide to Stand-Up Patient Lifts

Stand-Up Patient Lifts

Stand-up patient lifts allow the occupant to be lifted from a seated to a semi-standing position while supported by the lift, then moved where needed, and reseated, as in from a wheelchair to a commode or bed. For use, the occupant's feet are secured on a foot platform, with knees against a brace, and a sling around the occupant's back and chest, all of which allows the occupant to be lifted into a semi-standing position. (It is important to note that while stand-up patient lifts are very convenient for many, they do not provide as much support for a passive occupant, so they should be carefully considered before applying to very involved conditions.)

Characteristics of a standing patient lift:

  • Allows occupant to be transferred from an upright, seated position
  • Especially convenient in commode use
  • Allows occupant to hold on to hand grips for an added sense of security

A standing patient lift may be best if you need:

  • To transfer the occupant from a seated position
  • A lift that's especially convenient for commode use
  • A lift that the user can hold on to

By Mark E. Smith

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