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SpinLife's Guide to Mobility Scooters

It seems as though everywhere we go these days, mobility scooters are seen. And, it makes sense, with scooters serving as such reliable, transportable, affordable mobility technology. What's more, there's a wide range of scooters types available, where understanding which may best suit your needs will maximize your mobility.

Mobility Scooter Selection Checklist

  • How will you use the scooter, indoors, indoors/outdoors, or exclusively outdoors?
  • Will 3-wheel maneuverability or 4-wheel stability be most important in your uses?
  • Will you need to transport the scooter in a vehicle, and if so, in a standard vehicle or with a lift?
  • What weight capacity will you need based on your weight?
  • Do you need higher speeds and increased battery range?

Mobility scooters are tremendous tools, from use in the home to shopping and beyond. Determine which style and features best meet your needs, and undoubtedly a mobility scooter will maximize your mobility.

By Mark E. Smith

Mobility Scooter Varieties

Interested in Medicare? Click here for mobility scooters through Medicare.

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