June 7, 2016

Pre-configured wheelchairs make ordering easy…or “Why buy a Bundle”?

Pre-configured wheelchairs are a fairly new concept in the world of wheels. Whether we are wheelchair users or providers of the equipment, the traditional approach taken is to configure the wheelchair to the user, and then configuring the seating (cushions, backrest) separately. Many times from two or even three different vendors.

Breezy Elegance Platinum has all the bells and whistles

Breezy Elegance Platinum has all the bells and whistles

So, maybe we should ask “Why buy a Bundle”?

Of course, when dealing with numerous manufacturers to compile a complete configuration, missteps do occur. Perhaps shipping timetables don’t coincide, or some small seemingly insignificant feature is overlooked. Things happen.

I guess it is a sign of the times, and it may actually  be a change for the better. A pre-configured wheelchair. After all, we are accustomed to “bundled pricing’ for just about everything these days!

Look at your Cable service- you may have TV, internet, and your home alarm system on the same monthly bill. Likewise your cell phone. You may have your cell phone, data plan and even your home phone service bundled together.

Bundling saves money, and adds convenience. Bundling also ensures that one feature is designed to work with the next feature seamlessly. So we can really think of a pre-configured wheelchair the same way. It’s a bundled package designed in such a way that all the pieces and parts work together, and ship together as one single package. Sounds like a great idea to me!

Sunrise Medical designed a line of pre-configured wheelchairs and called it the “Elegance “line. High-dollar options that add significant expense on most wheelchairs are included on the Elegance chairs.

The chairs have great standard features included in their bundle, so as a consumer the value is obvious. When you want a great chair with superior comfort and no-hassle ordering, the Elegance line is for you!

Pre-configured wheelchairs

Breezy Elegance Silver

Let’s drill it down a bit. The Sunrise Medical “Elegance Silver” model is a lightweight 32 lb includes Footrests that swing out, in and remove, flat free treaded tires on super light spoke wheels, and quick-release axles. The armrests flip back and remove, the backrest upholstery is adjustable for comfort, and a 2” Jay Basic cushion is included in the bundle at no extra charge.

Pre-configured wheelchairs

Breezy Elegance Gold

Step up to the “Elegance Gold” Model, and add to the bundled features above. Adjustable height push handles which include hand-brakes, for better ergonomics for a caregiver’s comfort, and hand brakes for everyone’s safety going down hills or ramps. The Gold bundle upgrades the seat cushion to the 3” Jay Basic Pro cushion as well.




Pre-configured wheelchairs

Breezy Elegance Platinum

For superior comfort and safety, choose the “Elegance Platinum” model, which bundles together all the features of both the Silver and Gold packages, but adds a comfortably padded, adjustable backrest and a 4” Jay Ion seat cushion included. This model is fully loaded with all the great features you could want in a comfortable ride.

Check out the Breezy Elegance line of wheelchairs at Spinlife.com and save today!


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