Incline Rating

The maximum incline angle rating of a scooter is the angle the motor can push the scooter up an incline while still keeping all the wheels on the ground. For people who live in hilly environments or someone who needs to maneuver a scooter up a ramp this is an important specification to consider.

Mobility Scooter Incline Angle Mobility Scooter Incline Angle

Type of Scooter Maximum Incline Rating Range
Travel 6° - 8°
Full-Size 6° - 12°
Heavy Duty 6° - 12°
All-terrain 10° - 12°

Manufacturers typically report incline rating in degrees. Incline ratings for individual scooters can be found on specific product pages.

Mobility Scooter Incline Measuring Guide
SpinLife Knows: Americans with Disabilities Act recommends 1 foot of ramp for every 1 inch of vertical rise. View Our Ramp Measuring Guide Matrix
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