Full-Sized Scooters

Victory Full-Sized Scooter

Full-sized scooters are designed for scooter users who want more features and power. The individual pieces of a full-sized scooter are heavier and bulkier than those of a travel scooter, but they are designed for disassembly if needed. Full-sized scooters have an excellent range of standard features and optional upgrades.

When thinking about a full-sized scooter, consider incline rating and ground clearance. This information can be found on the specs tab of the product pages.

Full-size Scooters are ideal if you:

  • Want a roomier indoor/outdoor scooter
  • Only need to disassemble your scooter occasionally
  • Will be riding over smooth surfaces such as hardwoods, tile, flat carpets, maintained sidewalks or paved trails
  • Prefer a scooter with suspension for a significantly smoother ride
  • Want speeds up to 8 miles per hour
  • Want to travel up to 20 miles between battery charges (models vary from 11-20 miles per charge)
  • Need a seat up to 21 inches wide
  • Weigh less than 350 lbs (including accessories and personal items)
  • Incline
  • Ground Clearance

All-day comfort and many optional upgrades!

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